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Our consulting is oriented to support organizations from an integral point of view, working together to understand the DNA in order to identify the main pains of your company.

We analyze the reliability of production plants and their components, study the execution of maintenance guidelines; we elaborate improvements in maintenance policies; we propose improvements in the system or plant on which we work and measure the impact; we carry out designs and redesigns of productive processes or those dependent on physical assets.

Asset Management Consulting

  • Maintenance audits. Definition of baselines.

  • Homologation of metrics and definition of technical and financial KPI's to measure performance.

  •  Production systems modeling and simulation.

  • Determination of real capacities through stochastic simulation.

  • Adequacy and implementation of methodologies and tools to support maintenance and reliability management.

  •  RAM (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability) simulation, to establish the criticalities of main equipment in a plant or fleet.

  • Structuring of maintenance and reliability management business models.

  • Criticality analysis in production processes.


Trainings and Workshops

Our training and training program seeks to improve the specific competences of the key players in maintenance management in order to be able to successfully face the future challenge.

Training in Reliability Engineering

  • Analysis and Control (Reactive - Proactive)

  • Conceptualization, Diagnosis and Evaluation

  • Reliability Engineering: Methodologies and Tools for Functional Analysis and Identification of Opportunities

Capcitaciones y talleres


Software Relpro is a software platform that allows us to implement and improve asset management from an engineering point of view for any system configuration and production process.

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Our software is designed to provide a permanent reporting and continuous improvement analysis service for companies with high density of operating physical assets. We deliver to our clients a complete set of reports based on historical and probabilistic KPI's of individual and systemic character.



Relpro provides services oriented to cover specific needs from companies that wish to have specialized collaborators for the required areas.

Thanks to our outsourcing system, companies can focus and improve in certain functions increasing efficiency and saving time. Our outsourcing service is characterized by being in line with the current challenges with the participation of collaborators in a face-to-face, hybrid and remote way.

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