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Leak Prevention System Software Prototype

The great technological advances and improvements brought about by the Industrial Revolution 4.0, as well as various government initiatives such as the Pipeline and Safety Improvement Act, require robust systems to address the demand for improvements in the integrity of pipelines. The Leak Prevention System Software Prototype, also known as RelPro-SPF, has the main objective of identifying leaks in a timely and reliable manner, within the guaranteed limits and in a minimum period of time.


RelPro-SPF takes a multi-dimensional approach to leak prevention in pipelines, incorporating several methods to identify and locate leaks, such as the Extended-Real Time Transient Model or the Gradient Intersection Method. This multi-dimensional approach allows the system to accurately identify and locate the leak in 4 steps and during various modes of operation, i.e., under stable and transient conditions, as well as ensure the identification and prevention of all types of leaks such as breakage, growth and filtration, within limits and with a high level of reliability. Complementarily, RelPro-SPF has the ability to monitor a specific section of a pipeline or the entire pipeline and, in contrast to conventional applications that only calculate the leak location once and then stop calculating, our Leak Prevention System RelPro-SPF uses the different methods mentioned above to pinpoint the location of the leak, continuously calculating its location over time.

As a product, in addition to the timely prevention of leaks, RelPro-SPF will provide an application that, through an HMI or DashBoard that must be accessed through a remote desktop or other equivalent software, will allow the monitoring of different KPI's and will provide functionalities such as: operation recommendations, alarms, pre-alerts, alerts on the risk of exceeding/reaching permissible operational limits in pipelines and rupture discs/safety valves, alerts on the need for maintenance based on the parameters of use of equipment mechanics and valves, identification of flow deviations with respect to the characteristic curves of the pumps and valves, Slack-Flow, overpressures, negative pressure transients.


In summary, the RelPro-SPF Leak Prevention System Software Prototype corresponds to a robust and complete system, designed to reliably prevent leaks, reducing false alarms to almost zero and allowing a constant monitoring of the status of the pipelines involved in a certain process, both under stable operating conditions while also addressing the new requirements regarding the integrity of the pipelines.

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